Monday, March 20, 2006

Four more years please, Mr. Bush

More Bush please - why Pres. Bush should be reelected
A view from a German US enthusiast, a gopgermany newbie and huge admirer of Pres. Bush
Time is flying, and here we are again in a Presidential campaign– almost 4 years after the last election. A lot has changed since then, in the US and worldwide. I will never forget those crucial cliffhanger days in November 2000 when being tethered in front of the TV watching the life coverage of the outcome of the election, until after almost 5 excruciating weeks the US Supreme Court finally confirmed that President GW Bush had been elected.
For a Bush supporter this result was a total thrill of course. Feeling safe and sound during the adminstration of the "Fabulous Bush and Baker Boys" 1988-1992 I missed them very much during the Clinton Administration. In this regard the win of George Bush had been a also vindication for the defeat of his father, President Bush 41st, in 1992. But first and foremost after all those years of Clinton´s flip-flopping policy whilst being preocuppied with Monica (fortunately no major international crisis occured during those years) with President GW Bush finally integrity, dignity and decency were coming back into the White House. Nobody had the slightes hunsh in 2000 of what upmost importance the reelection of Pres. Bush 43rd really had been, but after the horrible events of 9/11 that became abundantly clear. I had no concern whatsoever regarding the reaction of the USA to the attacks of 9/11, I always felt sure, that the highly sophisticated Bush-Cheney administration would be doing the right things. And indeed – the reaction of the Bush administration to 9/11 been thoughfull and effective by building an international coalition for eradicating the Terrorist camps in Afghanistan and freeing the Afghan people, was it not? Actually my healing process after the traumatizing events of 9/11 began when watching President Bush on Ground Zero with firememan Dave, shouting the reassuring words : “Can you hear me?” So I couldn´t agree more with former NY Major Giuliani, stating on CNN after George Bush´s Union Adress in 2002 : “Thanks God, Bush is our President”.
When offering my sympathy for the victims of 9/11 online to the US embassy I also expressed my concern that hopefully the worldwide solidarity for the US would be persisting and not going away along with the fading memories as time goes by. But wasn´t that exactly what happened? Somehow the solidarity after 9/11 slowly but surely turned into blaming the US, even more so after the beginning of the Iraq War in April of 2003. It´s been bewildering to watch how the anti-american rhetoric even helped Chancellor Schroeder to become reelected, and it´s been ashaming to witness his betrayel of the long-term friendship with the USA by not only criticizing Bush´s policy unfairly, but even activly forming a coalition with France and Russia against the US, causing a failed UN security resolution and trying to isolate the USA. Is this the way friends are supposed to act in critical times? Absolutely not. Obviously Chancellor Schroeder forgot how much the Germans owe the Americans in regard to our freedom, security and wealth during the Cold War, and also in regard to the German reunification, which would have been unachieved without the unrelenting support of Bush´s father, President Bush 41st. Hopefully our government hasn´t harmed the relationsships in the long run, but one thing is for sure, damage had been done.
The left-wing polemic is not only unfair and disingenuous, but it´s also insulting one´s intelligence by minimizing the evils of Saddam Hussein und blaming Bush to be a warrior , because nothing could be further from the truth. Their us vs. them, the them is not bin Laden. The them is not Saddam Hussein. The them is George Bush. But Bush did NOT start this! The terrorists did! Not Bush is the vilian, Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden are. I resent the anger directed at the wrong people. Of course the situation now in Iraq is far from perfect, but the US vision of libertry will also prevail there. Going to war is never the best option, it´s always a risk. But we Europeans have to understand that after 9/11 the bigger risk for US would have been precraustination, given the secret service´s information in 2003 and the conduct of Sadam Hussein over all the years before.

On the other side the achievements of Bush are only rarely praised, like the elimination of the Taliban in Afghanistan and of Saddam Hussein, the prevention of another terror-attack so far and boosting the US /world economy by lowering taxes.
But didn´t the Bush´s Republican predecessors also receive the same kind of unfair scrutiny? For example, President Reagan came to power as a consummate cold warrior, being heavily protested by the so called peace-movement, but he has been the one with his unflinching rhetoric and unrelenting military who brought the Russians to the disarmament. He told Mr. Gorbatshow to tear down the Berlin Wall, and the Wall came down. President HW Bush, also had been sometimes potrayed as the aggressor when liberating Kuwait from the Iraq invasion in 1990. Why did all these Presidents face this kind of coverage? Because, like President Bush, they were straight-shooters with principles, not doing the most popular things, but the right ones
All the years I have been upset in silence about that kind of unfair coverage, which of course isn´t reflecting the view of the majority in Germany. But with the increasing bashing of Bush I couldn´t remain silent or passive any more. The Americans are true and loyal friends of the German people, and almost everyone who has been in the US is praising the kindness and gentleness of the Americans. I can´t stand that unfair coverage any more.
But what could I do in order to show support for Bush? Volunteering at the GOP convention is out of the question for non-us citizens. So I have been glad to find GOPabroad, who thankfully are also allowing non-US citizens to become members and who are doing a great job in supporting the American-German friendship and spreading word of the values of the Republican Party.
Let´s get the fingers crossed that President Bush is being reelected.!


At 12:06 AM, Blogger R. Silver said...

Thank you, Ulrike, for saying so well what needs to be said. The world has many evil persons like bin Laden and Sadaam who will terrorize others and have no conscience. They only respect strength. Negotiation will not deter them. This is what President Bush and many others throughout the world understand.

But the many who are out of touch with this reality often have the loudest voices and control the media.

Let me say how much I have enjoyed visiting Germany and the wonderful German people I have met. I wish only the best for your country and that reasonable voices like yours will become stronger and stronger.

Bob Silver
Washington State, USA

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